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Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

The Kangaroo Paw, a native to Western Australia, has the botanical name Anigozanthos, or Macropidia. The Anigozanthos is most recognizable in bright green and red colours, but is also produced in a yellow and green hybrid. The Macropedia Kangaroo Paw is definable by its black and green ‘paw’. The Kangaroo Paw grows on a tall stem and has a number tubular flowers, all of which are completely covered in fine short coloured hairs, making the flower feel like felt. Each flower opens progressively from the base up into a claw-like shape with six points – it is this shape that gives the Kangaroo Paw its name.

The Kangaroo Paw is the state emblem of Western Australia, although it grows naturally only in the cooler South-West region. The Kangaroo Paw is well known for its attraction not only to florists, but also to native birds which helps to pollinate the flowers. The appeal of the Kangaroo Paw means the flower is now not just available in Australia, but worldwide. It is grown in fields and flowers in late winter and early spring. Most florists will use Kangaroo Paw in tall arrangements with other native Australian flowers, which compliments the striking colours and shape of the Kangaroo Paw.


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