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Flowers that go by the botanic genus Narcissus that are sold by florists are more commonly known as Daffodils and/or Jonquils. They are small flowers, either in yellow, orange or white, that that grow from bulbs in the spring. The Daffodil flower has a central bowl shape that is surrounded by 6 petals, which join together into a tube that connects the flower to the stem. Jonquils are similar in shape, although they tend to be slightly smaller, paler or white in colour, are heavily scented and can have more than one bloom on each stem.

Narcissus, or Narcissi, are native to many regions of Europe, North Africa and Asia. The name derives from Greek mythology, where the flower was said to have first sprung from a pool in which the vain youth Narkissos drowned in his own reflection.

Daffodils can cause skin problems for florists and growers who handle the flowers often, but despite this they are still an extremely popular cut flower when in season. Narcissi are particularly popular at Easter and Chinese New Year, in various countries around the world. Bright yellow Daffodils are grown en masse especially for Daffodil Day, which raises money for the Cancer Council. In Australia, Daffodil Day falls on the 24th of August, at the start of the Narcissus season.


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